Protect Your Investment - Break the Cycle of Theft.

Utilities are all too familiar with the costs involved in repairing damage caused by copper theft – often reaching millions of dollars and dozens of man-hours for each substation. Operations and Loss Prevention teams now have a way to get criminals off the street—and out of their substations—so utilities can focus on revenue-generating activities.

Southwire’s Proof Positive® family of products was designed for utility applications where copper is frequently stolen.

Utilities are choosing Proof Positive® Cable because:

  • One outer strand and the center strand are tin-coated  for easy identification by both recyclers and thieves. As word spreads future theft will be deterred.
  • Center strand is laser-etched with serial numbers and license codes at 1 foot intervals. Upon sale, the etched codes and shipping information are recorded in a database at
  • Recyclers and law enforcement can verify rightful ownership in seconds and take action.
  • Proof Positive® Copper installs the same way as standard bare copper or copper-clad steel conductors.

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Proof Positive® Cable will only work if all constituents are educated. Share this site with your recycler, law enforcement, and task force contacts. Subscribe to ISRI’s network to quickly spread the word on thefts of your assets.

We must work together to put an end to copper theft.

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